A Great Loss

  I am going to make this short. Sorry if you don't like it to be short, but as school calls I will not have much time to make my posts. So here we go. I was told that "The Leg" is considered to be the best of all the kickers in the league today. I like that! Haha, well then, Steven Jackson didn't have as good of a game as we had hoped, but Sam Bradford had a heck of a game.

 So did Brandon Gibson, catching the 23yrd touchdown, does this mean he has hands now? I sure darn hope so, haha. How did you like those three picks? I mean Jenoris Jenkins rookie pic, that was amazing, Jo-Lon Dunbar's pick, and last but not least Cortland Finnegan's Pick6. So as a Rams fan you can say that we have a team coming back to being good after 7 years. Let's knock on wood. Till next time!

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