A Make Up

  Let me start off by saying, what an exciting game it was tonight. There was so many incredible plays. Kudos to Danny Amendola for making two career highs tonight. 160 yards and 15 catches, I hoping for him to at least tie or exceed Tom Fears 18 catches in a single game. Although he didn't make it, he played excellent against the Redskins D, because they had no idea on how to stop him!

  Our D on the other hand played one heck of a game. I mean wow, showing this Redskins offense up. Cortland Finnegan had his second pick of the season tonight. Then on another play we sacked wannabe RG3. Welcome to the NFL! But the biggest play by the D was when Mulligan blocked the punt, and later on catches a touchdown pass!

  On our offense we showed that we had prowess in both the running and passing games. With Bradford throwing one heck of a game, throwing for 310 yards and 2 touchdowns. Then Jackson getting cheated out of a touchdown, spiked the ball, but you gotta say he had a legitimate reason to get upset. Fisher pulled him out for the rest of the game. But OH BOY did 26 Richardson have one game to remember rushing for a touchdown and even got the CRAZY two-point conversion. So we can say that we are back baby!!

  Oh and RG3, welcome to the bigs!

                     Signed "The Kid" :)

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