Not Much to Say

  Well to start off, I do not have much to say this week because we played a really bad game. I would like to congratulate Cortland Finnegan on getting his third interception. And well, congrats to GZ for making a 56 yard field goal. If I were to rate how we played this weekend was a D-. There were some bad calls, but that is what you get when you have replacement officials. Sorry for how short this was, there just wasn't enough excitement to remember.

                                          Signed "The Kid"


A Make Up

  Let me start off by saying, what an exciting game it was tonight. There was so many incredible plays. Kudos to Danny Amendola for making two career highs tonight. 160 yards and 15 catches, I hoping for him to at least tie or exceed Tom Fears 18 catches in a single game. Although he didn't make it, he played excellent against the Redskins D, because they had no idea on how to stop him!

  Our D on the other hand played one heck of a game. I mean wow, showing this Redskins offense up. Cortland Finnegan had his second pick of the season tonight. Then on another play we sacked wannabe RG3. Welcome to the NFL! But the biggest play by the D was when Mulligan blocked the punt, and later on catches a touchdown pass!

  On our offense we showed that we had prowess in both the running and passing games. With Bradford throwing one heck of a game, throwing for 310 yards and 2 touchdowns. Then Jackson getting cheated out of a touchdown, spiked the ball, but you gotta say he had a legitimate reason to get upset. Fisher pulled him out for the rest of the game. But OH BOY did 26 Richardson have one game to remember rushing for a touchdown and even got the CRAZY two-point conversion. So we can say that we are back baby!!

  Oh and RG3, welcome to the bigs!

                     Signed "The Kid" :)


A Great Loss

  I am going to make this short. Sorry if you don't like it to be short, but as school calls I will not have much time to make my posts. So here we go. I was told that "The Leg" is considered to be the best of all the kickers in the league today. I like that! Haha, well then, Steven Jackson didn't have as good of a game as we had hoped, but Sam Bradford had a heck of a game.

 So did Brandon Gibson, catching the 23yrd touchdown, does this mean he has hands now? I sure darn hope so, haha. How did you like those three picks? I mean Jenoris Jenkins rookie pic, that was amazing, Jo-Lon Dunbar's pick, and last but not least Cortland Finnegan's Pick6. So as a Rams fan you can say that we have a team coming back to being good after 7 years. Let's knock on wood. Till next time!


Great Game - Losing End

     We had played a great game although we were on the losing end of this 20-19 loss. You should know how many good plays that both teams had, we had only a few compared to Dallas's many long drives. The first big play was 9-T. Romo's pass deep middle to 17-D. Harris for 61 yards reaching a touchdown from a fault in coverage by 21- J. Jenkins, leaving it to 55- J. Laurinaitis to try and stop him.
  Even though our defense only had a few good plays, the most memorable of that night was when 43- C. Dahl hit Phillips and JACKED him UP! Causing an incomplete pass. Another one of our defenses great plays was when Orton got sacked hard by OLB Dunbar knocking the ball clean away and recovered by DB Mikell.

  We had a few good offensive plays, a great one was "The Leg's" (Zuerlein) 55 yard field goal, and there was STILL room for it to be going! Another one was the 2 yard pass from Clemens to Pettis for a touchdown. One that I thought was great was the 4 yard run by 4th string running back Chase Reynolds for a touchdown. Can you believe it? A 4th string running back getting a touchdown, and we though Pead was good, right now I have my eye on this guy to take his spot as 3rd string.

  There is one last thing I wanna say, how dare the Booth say that Orton spiked the ball when clearly he did not touch the ball or go through the forward motion of throwing it down. It was unbelievable when I saw that, Marshall even got on their case, "The men in the Booth Room are not replacement officials, like our referees." It was ridiculous.

                                 Signed, "The Kid"!


Rams D Stops Chiefs Pow-Wow

    In my first post I am gonna be talking about the Rams D throughout the entire game, every fumble, interception, and sack. After going just one minute and 58 of the first quarter, the Rams score and have a lead of 7-0. After the PAT, the defense rushes onto the field for the kick-off. A touchback bringing the ball to KC's 20. 7-M. Cassel had thrown a 1 yard pass to the short right, wasn't very much for a pass. On the very next pass he passes it 7 yards to 89- J. Baldwin, then gets clobbered by 21-J. Jenkins, popping the ball right out of his hands, and picked up by 43-C. Dahl. Then returned to KC 31, just no gain.

 On the very next Rams drive 8-S. Bradford already throws his second touchdown, this time to Mr. 16-D. Amendola, for an 8 yard touchdown. Even though there was a foolish penalty on 21-J. Arenas, haha, and a smart move by the Rams to decline the penalty. After we kick-off once again we come back out already hot from our touchdown and fumble recovery the last time out. Even though 7-M. Cassel throws for some completions we stopped them once again.

 Well our D had let us down at the start of the second quarter allowing the Chiefs to score, but that is okay, we will try to come back, at least I would hope so. When the chiefs come back onto the field they come out firing but nothing exciting happened other than KC 76-B. Albert face masked on of our players.

 The last thing I am going to talk about is the interception right at the beginning of the third quarter. 12-R Stanzi threw to 10-T. Cooper, he was hit and the ball tipped away, then intercepted by big man, rookie, 71-M. Conrath, returned for one yard. And then we score on that drive, with 24-I. Pead leaping over the pile of bodies, Walter Payton style, and scores.

                                      "The Kid"