Great Game - Losing End

     We had played a great game although we were on the losing end of this 20-19 loss. You should know how many good plays that both teams had, we had only a few compared to Dallas's many long drives. The first big play was 9-T. Romo's pass deep middle to 17-D. Harris for 61 yards reaching a touchdown from a fault in coverage by 21- J. Jenkins, leaving it to 55- J. Laurinaitis to try and stop him.
  Even though our defense only had a few good plays, the most memorable of that night was when 43- C. Dahl hit Phillips and JACKED him UP! Causing an incomplete pass. Another one of our defenses great plays was when Orton got sacked hard by OLB Dunbar knocking the ball clean away and recovered by DB Mikell.

  We had a few good offensive plays, a great one was "The Leg's" (Zuerlein) 55 yard field goal, and there was STILL room for it to be going! Another one was the 2 yard pass from Clemens to Pettis for a touchdown. One that I thought was great was the 4 yard run by 4th string running back Chase Reynolds for a touchdown. Can you believe it? A 4th string running back getting a touchdown, and we though Pead was good, right now I have my eye on this guy to take his spot as 3rd string.

  There is one last thing I wanna say, how dare the Booth say that Orton spiked the ball when clearly he did not touch the ball or go through the forward motion of throwing it down. It was unbelievable when I saw that, Marshall even got on their case, "The men in the Booth Room are not replacement officials, like our referees." It was ridiculous.

                                 Signed, "The Kid"!

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